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Energy Medicine

- Discovering Your Inner Healer


Energy Medicine, as developed by Donna Eden, is an empirical, knowledge-based way of working with the body's energy anatomy to support health and vitality.  The core premise of Energy Medicine is that humans are naturally self-healing and joyful when their subtle energy systems are kept flowing, in harmony and in balance.   Importantly, Energy Medicine provides both the means to repair stress damage and the way to evolve the body's stress response to limit further damage.


Experience a session to assess and correct your specific energy challenges and to learn how your body can feel when your energy is flowing smoothly.  Even deep patterns of imbalance can be resolved when your energy systems adjust to hold healthier habits.  Learn specific energy exercises to foster this shift.  The exercises are simple and very effective - but only when they are practiced! 


Make Energy Medicine a part of your daily routine and reap the benefits:


~ Improved Health and Vitality

~ Emotional Well-Being

~ Enhanced Performance

~ Mental Clarity

~ Improved Medical Outcomes:        

  • fewer side effects from drugs, radiation and chemotherapy
  • reduced anxiety during medical procedures