Inner Possibilities

BJ Gaynor, MA,





Stonington, CT


Distance sessions also available

Medical Qigong


- Awaken Your Qi!

Forces from the ground, breath and mind are harnessed to awaken the Qi and pump it through the meridian system to foster higher functions.


There are Three General Aspects of the Practice:


Mechanical:  Deepening awareness of how to move with ease, balance and minimum muscular effort.

Energetic:  Opening and clearing the subtle pathways of the body for physical health and emotional stability.

Spiritual:  Seeing the self and the world without bias -

and with more joy!.



What are the Benefits of Qigong?

~ Pain Reduction

~ Increased physical health and vitality

~ Improved mental clarity and emotional well-being

~ Enhanced body awareness, posture and movement

Deepening spiritual connection