Inner Possibilities

BJ Gaynor, MA,





Stonington, CT


Distance sessions also available

Sacred Contracts

- Discover the Agreements Hidden in Your Soul.

This is a gently guided process to discover the difference between the decisions your ego makes and how your soul would choose to organize your life.  This powerful pursuit, as described by Caroline Myss, holds life-altering potential. 


The process uses the symbolic language of archetypes to reveal the factors contributing to one's thoughts, emotions, biases and judgments and the impact they've had on all aspects of life.  Through deep inner reflection, an understanding emerges of the gifts and challenges that have combined to create your unique life experience. This is particularly useful for uncovering limiting beliefs and stimulating creativity. 




Appreciating your Sacred Contract helps you find:


~  Enhanced self esteem

~ Compassion and forgiveness for self and others

 ~ Your authentic power and strength

~ New meaning and joy in life.