Inner Possibilities

BJ Gaynor, MA,





Stonington, CT


Distance sessions also available

Sound Healing

- Helping the Body Remember its Wholeness

These intuitively guided processes use harmonic vibrations to align and synchronize the frequencies of the body and brain.


Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tingshas are used to create a refreshing "bath" of frequencies to open and balance the chakras, relieve stress and pain, and create a sense of peaceful ease.  They are particularly soothing and effective in working with groups, and to calm highly-stressed adults and children. 


Tuning Forks are used to apply specific frequencies directly into the body through energy centers or acupuncture points in order to promote healing shifts. 


Additional methods involving Rhythmic (Trance) Drumming,  Peruvian Whistling Pots, Toning and Overtone Chanting also may be used for moving energy or in preparation for meditation.


These are often combined with other Energy Medicine techniques.