Inner Possibilities

BJ Gaynor, MA,





Stonington, CT


Distance sessions also available


Private Sessions: 

Individualized counseling for clients struggling with stress, illness, change and growth.  I help clients to explore and trust their own natural healing resources.  I include work with the body's energies to accelerate desired changes in mood, health or patterns of behavior.  These varied methods also may be useful for improving memory and learning, and in chronic illness to complement and enhance the effectiveness of other medical options without side effects.







Groups of 6 or more, by arrangement


Secrets of the Weight Loss Warrior -

Lose weight with Energy Medicine

Introduction to Energy Medicine -

Discovering your energy anatomy

Stress Management -

Evolving your stress response for sustainable results

Energies of Love -

Understanding communications styles are not personal

Sacred Contracts -

Moving past the contract your ego would choose,

to discover what your soul actually agreed to.






Meditation Groups:  (by invitation)

Beginning Meditation

Advanced Meditation and Spiritual Guidance





Celebrant for weddings and other meaningful celebrations and ceremonies